Consultancy by Actinius

Helping you to bring your ideas to life


You have a sound idea. The resources are available and your team is ready to go. But who will guide your team and ensure that all the resources are used in the best possible way? How do you know for sure that the planning, resources and your team will actually bring your idea to life? That is exactly where we come in.


Your Team – our Knowledge

By using our consultancy service, you keep everything inhouse. Our team is available for basically anything that you need help with. Usually we are being called in as a coach and outside expert. We help your teams through the design process, assist them with the prototyping and help you with sourcing for a suitable production environment or partner.

Consultancy is using the best of both worlds; your available resources are enabled to deliver the best possible solution. Our consultants truly help you to bring your idea to life yourself.


All our resources available for you

As you probably know by now, we have everything in-house available, from hardware design, firmware development, software development to even production. By using our consultancy service, all the resources and the knowledge is available for you. The way you use it, is fully up to you. Whether you just want to use our knowledge and experience or if you want us to actually participate in the project, we can do it all.


We are changing the world

In the past years, we have made a difference already. From real-time digital effects units for a live session at ADE to air quality monitoring devices (stationary and mobile) and very popular open-source firmware for LoRa devices, our work is making a difference all over the globe.

Do you need help in bringing your idea to life? Let’s talk, call us at +31 (0)20 8943256.