Our ideas brought to life

We believe that there is no need for you to reinvent the wheel when we already have a working solution. By using our products, you can simply benefit from our knowledge and experience. We have recently finished our development board that could be exactly the solution you are looking for.


“Synapse”; 3 different ways of connecting

By producing this IoT development board, we are aiming to simplify the process of bringing your idea to life. The board is connected with LoRa, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. With the connectivity already built in, your project takes a giant leap forward. The Synapse is all set to do whatever you want it to do, including all the firmware. All you have to do is develop and implement the functionality.

If you are interested in using our IoT development board, just contact us and we can give you a full quote.


Stay Tuned

There is lots more to come. We are currently finalizing the production of some additional products that will really make a difference for your projects.