Every idea is unique and completely custom-made. The technology is highly sensitive and in some cases, existential for our clients. Therefore, we can’t share too many specifics about the work we have done previously. Nevertheless, we will share as much as we can. After all, this is what we live for!  

Wooting Keyboard

We are proud to have implemented the complete firmware for the keyboard with some unique features such as analog keys and X360 controller emulation.


Everybody has probably seen one or more productions from OWOW, you just don’t know it. For OWOW we have designed the hardware and did the prototype of a real-time digital effects unit for a live session at the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Port of Rotterdam

Talking about making a difference, they don’t get very bigger in The Netherlands than the port of Rotterdam. Through a contractor we have made a difference in the Port of Rotterdam. We have designed the hardware, did the prototyping and created the firmware for two products being:

  • Device for specialized Asset Tracking with Sensor Data Acquisition (GPS, LoRa communication and multiple sensors)
  • Device for remote sensor monitoring and actuation

Under NDA

The projects above are cool and meaningful, but we have done some very cool other projects as well. As these projects are covered by an NDA, we can’t elaborate on them too much. These projects include:

  • Diverse Bluetooth Low Energy devices
  • Specialized IoT trackers
  • LoRa-enabled sensors for agricultural applications
  • Machine-usage analytics devices
  • Air quality monitoring devices (stationary and mobile)

Do you want to know more?

This is only a few examples what we have done. Do you want more information on one of the projects or a more extensive track record? Just contact us and we’ll gladly tell you!