We bring ideas to life

Bringing your ideas to life, that is what we’re good at. We specialize in smart products, such as Internet-of-Things technologies, connected products and enterprise IoT. We help you to turn your ideas into fully functioning products. The capacity in which we will do this is totally up to you.



Use us as your R&D department. We promise that we will take your idea and bring it to life.

Whether you need us to design, prototype or produce, we can do it all.

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Do you have the design, prototype and production capacity yourself? Cool!

You might still need help in designing the process. Or maybe just a second opinion from an established expert.

We will be your expert. As an external consultant, we will help your team with bringing the idea to life.


We develop standardized products that help you to bring your ideas to life all by yourself.

Currently we offer a specialized IoT development board that could form the basis of your new product.

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We’re Rockstars

Not necessarily in the traditional meaning of the word. We are not going to make any music when we’re helping you. Although everything is negotiable. But we’re still rockstars. Our approach is non-traditional, agile and very quick. Want to know more about us? Here you will find it all.

What we’ve done

In the past few years we have done some innovative projects that are adding value for our customer. Although a lot is under NDA, we still want to share some of our pride with you. Have a look at our showcases to see what we have done.


Do you need more information?

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