Icarus IoT Board

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The Icarus is a cost-effective board, combining the latest technological features in the market. Equipped with the newest nRF91 modem engineered by Nordic Semiconductor, this low power device, integrates the use of GPS and Cellular data (LTE-M / NB-IoT), to get your project online, anywhere, anytime. Control, monitor and keep track of any asset, fleet or cargo, the possibilities are endless. 


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What Icarus
is good at

GPS and Cellular data on the go

Equipped with the new nRF91 modem from Nordic Semiconductor, the Icarus board integrates GPS and Cellular data (LTE-M / NB-IoT) all in one.

3 Months of Free LTE-M Data

We provide Icarus with a free e-sim which has 10MB data to use for 3 months, so you can start testing your prototype immediately (only in supported countries).

Use the Icarus anywhere, anytime

Power comes in three: the Icarus board has input for a LiPo/Li-Ion battery (with charger!), USB, and Solar Panel input so that you can use the Icarus anywhere and anytime.

FeatherWing Form Factor Compatible

You can install extra component to the extension pins, easily of course. Don’t forget! Icarus is form factor compatible with Adafruit Featherwing also.



12MP wide-angle camera
ƒ/1.8 aperture
Digital zoom up to 5x


ProcessingARM® Cortex M33
1 MB Flash
256 kB RAM

ConnectivityNano SIM and Embedded SIM
LTE Cat-M1
LTE Cat-NB1 aka NB-IoT
Global coverage
PSM and eDRX are supported

SecurityARM® Trustzone®
ARM® Cryptocell 310
Supported by the OTAU Platform of Actinius for always secure and up-to-date firmware

Interfaces— USB (via FTDI UART Bridge)
— up to 18x General Purpose IO
— up to 6x 12-bit, 200 ksps ADC with EasyDMA
— up to 4x SPI master/slave with EasyDMA (can be mapped to any pin)
— up to 4x I2C master/slave with EasyDMA (can be mapped to any pin; 1 preconfigured for on-board I2C peripherals and default I2C pin headers)
— up to 4x UART (also with CTS/RTS) with EasyDMA (can be mapped to any pin; 1 preconfigured for on-board USB-UART Bridge)
— I2S (Inter-IC Sound Interface) with EasyDMADigital microphone interface (PDM) with EasyDMA (can be mapped to any pin)
— 4x pulse width modulator (PWM) unit with EasyDMA (can be mapped to any pin)
— Serial Wire Debug (SWD) on 6-pin TagConnect footprint on top side plus programming pads on bottom side

Sensors and PeripheralsGPS
Low Power 3-axis accelerometer
General Purpose Button
Reset Button
Battery voltage reading

PowerCan be powered from any combination of USB, Battery, or VIN (eg solar panel)
Nominal Operating Input voltage: 4.35V - 10.2V
Max Input voltage (safety rating): 28V
Over-voltage protection
Under-voltage protection
Low-noise, low power, switching power supply, with output up to 400mA
USB-friendly Li-Ion/LiPolymer charger with MPPT
Incredibly low power consumption

Physical CharacteristicsSize: 50.8 mm X 22.8 mm
Fully compatible form factor and pinouts with adafruit's FeatherWing spec

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