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Icarus SoM

Icarus Bee (nRF9160)

Replace your legacy LoRa or 2G Bee module with cutting edge Cellular IoT connectivity with minimal effort! It includes global LTE-M & NB-IoT, GPS, Accelerometer, RGB, Button as well as an eSIM for connectivity out of the box. You can even connect your own nano SIM thanks to the dual-SIM selection circuit!


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What the Icarus Bee is good at

Cellular IoT & GPS in a small footprint

Connect your antennas and a single 3.3V power supply or battery and you have created a full fledged IoT device with GPS, motion detection and Cellular Connectivity, all with just this tiny self-contained module.

Familiar, standardized form factor and pins

The Icarus Bee is building on top of the familiar Bee standard to enable an easy transition of older devices to new low-power cellular IoT networks, with minimal effort.

Low Power yet powerful CPU

Even though a current consumption of a few microAmps is easy to achieve with this module, the dedicated application CPU ARM M33 is plenty powerful for any edge application.

Global Connectivity

Access LTE-M and NB-IoT networks globally, easily, with the on-board eSIM, or use your own SIM thanks to the on-board nano SIM connector and the dual-SIM selection circuit!

What's in the box

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